Architect Claudia Ricciardi. Architect Marco Tanzilli.

TARI is a Tank for architectural researches and investigations where to collect analysis and investigation of architecture on all scales, responding to people needs, exploring structures, materials, and experiences.

The firm is BASED IN ROME, and it was founded in 2017. Since then, it took part to many international competitions, often collecting AWARDS, EXHIBITING IN PUBLIC EXPOSITIONS AND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES.

We faced very different scaled projects, visiting far away nations and cultures, from South Korea, to Turkey, to France, to USA and teaming up with internationally recognized firms. Continue to read >

Nr. 01

Visioni Romane is a project conceived and curated by the TARI-Architects studio. It emerged from the aspiration to foster a multi-faceted discourse on the state of architecture in the Capital ... Read more

Nr. 02

Data Center in the Future City

Human beings have always progressively shaped their planet, adapting it first to their survival needs, then to their desire for supremacy, in an era defined as Anthropocene ... Read more

Nr. 03

Incompiute - Ruderi e macerie della contemporaneità

Ruin has always fascinated the human soul. Already, the great vedutisti at the beginning of the 18th century approached ruins with a distant gaze, where the aesthetic aspect dictated ... Read more

Nr. 04

CRAC - Centro Romano d’Arte Contemporanea

The project idea is based on the "crystallization" of the City of Sport in Tor Vergata. That is, its activation by simply introducing new functions without excessively altering ... Read more

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