Visioni Romane


Visioni Romane is a project conceived and curated by the TARI-Architects studio. It emerged from the aspiration to foster a multi-faceted discourse on the state of architecture in the Capital and to explore the potential for reinstating architecture to its inherently political role, in the most noble and etymological sense of the term, as it has historically held. These discussions aim to demystify specific themes of architectural discourse for non-experts, facilitating a dialogue between a public figure (from the realms of entertainment, politics, journalism, etc.) and a panel of three architects. This panel comprises Professor Alfonso Giancotti from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Rome “Sapienza,” Architect Marco Tanzilli, co-founder of the Roman studio TA.R.I-Architects (recipient of the “Europe’s Best 40 Under 40 Architects” award for 2020), and, on a rotating basis, a representative from another emerging architecture studio on the national stage. Moderating these discussions is Marco De Donno, a contributor to the ARTRIBUNE newspaper, which serves as the exclusive media partner for this initiative. Due to the necessity of adhering to social distancing measures, we have opted for podcast recordings conducted online via the Zoom platform.

EPISODE 01 - Roberto Morassut

EPISODE 02 - Mogol

EPISODE 03 - Claudia Gerini

EPISODE 04 - Jago

EPISODE 05 - Francesco Rutelli

EPISODE 06 - Antonio Romano

EPISODE 07 - Giampiero Massolo

EPISODE 08 - Michela Di Biase

EPISODE 09 - Pietro Salini

EPISODE 10 - Giovanni Malagò

EPISODE 11 Rocío Muñoz Morales

EPISODE 12 - Tonia Cartolano

EPISODE 13 - Luca Ravenna

EPISODE 14 - Paola Santarelli

EPISODE 15 - Dante Ferretti

EPISODE 16 - Massimiliano Tonelli

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