Reading the Design Guidelines, two main topics immediately came out:

  1. The peculiar SLOPE of the site area, on one side

  2. Two DIFFERENT BUILDINGS that need to co-exist, on the other

These lead us to two main questions, that fully express the conceptual idea of the project:

  • Would it be possible that building itself would link the main levels of the site area, opening into multiple public squares?

  • Can we design a one building instead of two different ones, that will ensure the unicity of the inner functions, leading to their visual connection and reciprocal contamination?

Starting from these considerations, the idea was that of a building able to combine the specificity of the functions required, promoting their introspection, and becoming itself an URBAN PLACEWe moved from the surrounding urban fabric, with multiple story buildings and heterogeneous densities, choosing for not an outstanding and self-referential building, but a more introvert one, designed out from the terrain shape.

Thus not a BARRIER volume, but a public permeable one offering itself as a CROSSABLE BUILDING.

It is a PERMEABLE SYSTEM,where it is possible to enjoy the enchanting view of the city from the PANORAMIC PARK, to play sport and spend time with friends in the SPORT PLAZA to enjoy an artistic performance in the OPEN AIR AUDITORIUM, or simply to CROSS THROUGHT the public path.

This led to a building that is perfectly INTEGRATED to the URBANITY, that can live both outside and inside. Infact, entering into the building, the two main functional spaces are revealed.The idea was that to keep them completely separated, preserving their peculiarities and features, but connecting them visually, throught glazing frames and protunding volumes, to enhance reciprocal contamination.

They are materically delineated, with the use of light brown bricks cladding for art center and the concrete as cladding material for the sportive feature.

Imagine kids in the art and education center looking throught that transparent wall the sport facilities, learning not only the fitness and healty features, but also to team up and play fair with friends. It is a kind of education too. Sportives at the same time, could be interested into the events organized by the art center and could be actively involved, training their minds too.

This interpretation wants to take the best part of both activities, preserving their peculiar separate spaces.The sportive area is placed at the lowest level, accessible throught a gently sloping ramp that leads to the entrance hall. The swimming pool area is set into a huge triple height space, that is visible from the higher levels.

Also the first level has a part dedicated to the sport facility, while hosting the entrance of the auditorium and the multipurpose area. Interiors are articulated into several spaces, from performing areas, throught educational, to operational one, always looking at the sport feature. The highest floor houses the entrance of the Art center that is also the central square of the outdoor system.

This is a DOUBLE FACE BUILDING. its envelope help people to enjoy the urbanity, becoming itself a piece of the city; its heart, instead, plays on the reciprocal interferations between functions, keeping them separated, promoting the sharing of experiences, that becomes the nurturing for the comunity.