The first question that came up in our minds while reading the design competition brief was:How to design a piece of a vibrant developing city, that would be the starting point for a new ecological and cultural sustainable evolution of the urban context? And how the design process may help people to meet and socialize, sharing their experiences and knowings?


The answer was W.A.L.K., that means Work and Live Knowingly, that well represents a new vision of urban blocks housing a functional mix with housing, offices, commercial and public spaces. The final result of a careful analysis of the site, the urbanity and the needs of the place, led to a project designed in a full integration with the surrounding context. An URBAN LANDMARK, therefore, linked to the history and traditions, but projected to the future of Aviapolis.


The main goal of the project is to create a PUBLIC PLACE that can embody a new and sustainable way of living, also through the direct involvement of the citizens and visitors. Aviapolis will be built as an ecologically and sustainable city, able to offer different alternatives in living and work, limiting the soil consuption and the waste of renwables. The proposed design, ensures a sustainable and viable framework for future living, work and services. Also, a new vison of the traditionally private residential space is proposed, and turned into a place that interfaces with and connects to the large common spaces, in a continuous exchange of activities and between users.


W.A.L.K. embodies a NEW VISION of the traditional blocks, projected to the ecological and cultural sustainable evolution of the city. The main idea of the project promotes the mix and RECIPROCAL INTERCHANGE AMONG THE DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS, to enhance the deep relationship between residents and visitors. The design of the PUBLIC SPACES and their CONNECTIONS take on a fundamental role: spaces permeability must allow a continuous link among any areas, creating a UNIQUE CONNECTED BUILDING where to MEET and SOCIALIZE.


The parking area is located at the ground floor, with the upper floor public slab covering the vehicular street. The INFRASTRUCTURES and the PUBLIC SPACES ARE VISUALLY AND SPATIALLY DIVIDED, but at the same time, they remanis reachable from the main access to W.A.L.K. The ground floor of the residential buildings will be partially dedicated to the COMMERCIAL AREA, in particular LOCATED ALONG THE MAIN URBAN BOULEVARD, to ensure overwhelming activities and functions. The first floor public slab will be equipped and dedicated to common activities, easly accessible both from the inside and the public park.


In the future sustainable evolution of the city, the PARKING AREA WILL BE RE-CONVERTED INTO A COMMERCIAL PLAZA, interspaced by wide public squares, pedestrian paths, green gardens and water fountains.
This will create TWO MAIN LEVELS OF PUBLIC ACTIVITIES, completely accessible and permeable: the first one is set at the ground floor, and will be the in between space linking the commercial urban boulevard and the public W.A.L.K. park. The second one, already set at the first level floor, will act as the natural extension of the inner residential spaces.


W.A.L.K., Work and Live Knowingly, Is not a REGULAR NEIGHBORHOOD, but an INNOVATIVE PEDESTRIANSYSTEM, where is possible to meet and socialize in the huge public park. The vehicular roads and parking are HIDDEN INSIDE THE BUILDING, in order to ensure a no visual impact of the infrastructures with the public areas. Thanks to the designed pedestrian bridges and walkways, it is possible to SOCIALIZE in the W.A.L.K. park, lay down in the enchanting gardens, and enjoy temporary representations and exhibitions in the common squares. The first floor slab is dedicated to the main public activities, housing a sportive area, commercial units and a playground for both children and adults.

W.A.L.K. Also houses ATOMI schools and library, and a linear office building that becomes an interactive landmark for the urban squares. Is it a NEW VISION OF A NEIGHBOROOD!



With: Mattia Bencistà and Valentina Sciacca