Seoul Animation Center was initially founded to provide cultural enjoyment and support for the creativity of cartoon, animation and character industry, giving birth to the most representative characters and cartoons of South Korea.

The main goal of the project is to re-build the exsisting Animation Center, located nearby ‘NamSan’, very close to tourist areas, actually designed as a diffuse system composed of four annexes, and two houses of Cartoon.

Our proposal will include all these dislocated elements into a new single-stand BUILDING that will work as a unique system.It is not an “ordinary” building, but a place where the creativity, both of visitors and workers, is the main “material of costruction”; a place made of the dreams and the passion of people; A PLACE SEEN AS A BLANK CANVAS, THAT ANYONE CAN FILL, FREERLY EXPRESSING THEMSELVES.

The new Seoul Animation Center is able to offer multifunctional opportunities for the different users: to HAVE FUN with their favourite characters in the market and convention spaces, to MEET AND SOCIALIZE in the common areas, to WORK in a creative factory or simply to CROSS TROUGHT the commercial gallery.

The PERMEABILTY is one of the most important element of the project. The first floor and all the common areas are totally open, as well as transparent. The building entrances are set on all sides of the building and the users can use them to cross trought the new Seoul Animation Center reaching every part and functions. The relationship between the animation center and the whole city is the main goal of the project.: thanks to the building facades, that consists in a double textile skin, the building ensures a communication with the surrounding environment. The facade, infact, is used for advertisements, events promotion and artistic installations, to update steadily the city about the Animation Center programs and, at the same time, usable as economical source.

The new Animation Center is the blank canvas for the creativity of the NEIGHBORHOOD AND THE CITY