MARIO is a wall, but not like everyone else. He is different.
Mario has a split personality, apparently closed to the outside but very cozy with those who pass through him. Mario timidly lets the visitors look inside, write, scratch and even touchall things that a normal wall definetly can’t stand!

He welcomes you in his inner space, protecting you from noise and bad weather, but he also lets you do what you want: eat, read a book, study, rest, exhibit, perform, act. Mario is well known by all the inhabitants of the neighborhood crossing through it or walking by, so much that he earned a nickname: if you ask for MARIOerMURO, everyone will tell you where to find him.

Imagined as a filter between the city and the square, he houses several public places designed for every kind of activity or function. Mario is made of metal staggered slabs which define seats and covered spaces where to exhibit or build up the InnovACTIVE Market. Outside, especially at night when he is closed and introvert, he gives free rein to artistic or vandalism attacks, accepting and not banning them, like a big “white” sheet of paper which, at the same time, protects his inner space.

Mario is not a wall. He is an architectural system. He is an entity that has a name.

TA.R.I Architects

with: Matteo Miceli, Luca Gaetano Malvasi, Francesca Visceglia.